I'm Kari. I'm 28. I live in upstate NY. I'm a Cosplayer, Traveler, Musician, Gleek, Starkid. I'm also a fangirl of Torchwood, Doctor Who, LotR, Star Wars and many more things as well.
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Dalton Patch Info

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp (x)

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Every Jack/Ianto kiss from Torchwood & Doctor Who

There weren’t nearly enough.


#imagine blaine as jack#can’t die and feels responsible for everyone else that can#effortlessly charming but trying not to settle down#in love with kurt the coffee boy#who is in love too but thinks he has no chance#hi torchwood feelings there you are again

#also Kari I have a cosplay mash up for you…

Oooh??? Do tell me what this cosplay mash up idea is. :)

6.01 and 6.02 Spoilers


Gi from GOBR contacted me this afternoon and wanted to know if I wanted some Klaine spoilers from 6.01 and 6.02. She said very clearly that she does not know if GOBR’s going to have spoilers like this anymore this season, so this may be a last time thing.
Of course I said I want the spoilers because I’m spoiler starved like everybody. I am going to give you all that I know. I don’t know anything else. I want to know how this all plays out as much as you but this is all we have . This is not by any means all the scenes (for eg. no scenes with Karofsky as Max starts next week).
She did not want to post the spoilers herself but she was willing to give them to me to post so that’s why I have them. I appreciate any time anyone gives me spoilers. So thank you, Gi and GOBR!
The spoilers:

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Darren Criss on the Insider today (Sept. 11, 2014)

I recorded this, so if you use please credit me :)

Anonymous asked
Hello :) May I ask you, where did you buy your warbler blazer?

I bought a navy blazer on ebay and added the red trim to it myself. 

My friends mom made the patches that I’ve used for mine and my friend’s blazers.

" Guess what? David Burtka and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the ‘n’ and ‘d’ in ‘husband.’ " x

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